Photo Albums
50th Reunion-Springfield Country Club 2018
45th Reunion Friday Night Get Together 10/4/13
45th Reunion - Corinthian Yacht Club 10/5/13
45th Reunion at the Corinthian Yacht Club
Barnes Museum Art Tour & Luncheon 10/5/13
Jo Landow and Margo Callis - Lunch at McCrossen Tavern
Golf Outing 10/4/13
Brunch Photos - 10/5/13 and 10/6/13
Photos of Reunion - 11/15/08 Vol. I
Reunion Photos Vol. II
Photos of Friday Night Gathering - 11/14/08
UDHS Gals Mini-Reunion 4/2/11
Top to bottom, L to R: Nancy Iredale, Linda Falkow, Janet Toomey, Joanne Caruso, Robin Buzzelli, Cathe DiCrecchio, Margie Malecot, Lisa Yanak, Carolyn Trout, Kathy Weisinger, Barbara Eckell, Dena DiBona, Louise Quinn, Roberta Braslow, Susan Kannapel, Naom
Robin Buzzelli Carpenter and Carolyn Trout Petteway help prepare the food for the event.
Susan Kannapel Douglas and Roberta Braslow Storer work at the island.
Susan Kannapel Douglas, Dottie Shelly Sweeten and Roberta Braslow Storer.
Gotta have beverages, and we had plenty!  Carolyn Trout Petteway and Robin Buzzelli Carpenter prepare the Sangria.
Naomi Kaminsky and Louise Quinn Harris...reunited!
Cathe DiCrecchio Deets and Kathy Weisinger Kelly
Lisa Yanak, Janet Toomey Stone, Cathe DiCrecchio and Kathy Weisinger Kelly
Louise Quinn Harris, Margo (Margie) Malecot Callis, Mary Nacy Habecker, Cathe DiCrecchio Deets, Kathy Weisinger Kelly, Nancy Iredale Reagoso with Roberta Braslow Storer in the background.
Seated: Louise Quinn Harris, Margo (Margie) Malecot Callis, Mary Nacy Habecker, Cathe DiCrecchio Deets, Kathy Weisinger Kelly, Nancy Iredale Reagoso; Standing: Roberta Braslow Storer, Robin Buzzelli Carpenter & Carolyn Trout Petteway.
Rian McGonigal's (Class of '69) Album
Joe Glovier's Album
My wife Christine and I.
Scott Goldberg's Album
Scott Goldberg giving a pottery demonstration
Dena DiBona Lyons' Album
Spaghetti and Crabs with the whole DiBona Clan at St. Marys in Manayunk
Janet, Trish, Walt and Dena on the Gormans Chesapeake Home
Jim and Dena DiBona Lyons on Jim and Trish Gormans boat...
Again, on the Chesapeake with Jim Gorman, Jim Lyons, Walt Fedyna, Janet Toomey and me
Dena at Chambord Chateaux in Loire Valley October 2008
In the kitchen at Chenonceau Chateaux Loire Valley October 2008
Wayne Wilson's Album
Bill Bellano's Album
Daughters Maria, Alyssa (21st Birthday celebration), my wife Arlene, son-in-law Bill, me (Bill Bellano) and my son Bill.  Lots of Bills!
Arlene and Bill Bellano - daughter Marias Wedding
Maria, Bill & Children
1962 Drexel Hill JV football team
1964 Drexel Hill Junior High Varisity football team.
Jo Landow Lampley's Album
Our wonderful kids; Harrison is Marketing Coordinator for the Memphis Redbirds; Laurens an Honors Accounting major at Kent State.
Handy and I love to travel and weve been going places together for 35 years!
Ralph Knupp's Album
Andrea, Sarah, Allison, Peter, Ralph Knupp at Allisons graduation from Columbia University.
Home in NC, where it snows...sometimes.
Bunji Jumping In New Zealand.
Singing A Chinese Song at the company Chinese New Year Party.
With Andrea at the Great Wall.
Louise Quinn Harris' Album
Daughters, Casey(24) and Shannon(27)
Louise & Murphy
Steve & Louise 
Camden, Maine 2010
Ed Horvath's Album
Marriage of Ed Horvath and Richard Neidich, June 25, 2004, Somerville, Massachusetts
Ed Horvath (orange shirt) and family at Grand Canyon, June 2007. My mother, known as Mrs. Horvath to her students taught at Hillcrest Elementary School. Her students included some of our classmates.
Downtown Washington, DC home of Ed Horvath and Richard Neidich
Ed & Richards beach house in Daytona Beach, Florida
Ed cooking shrimp outdoors - December 2006
Still life painting by Ed Horvath at age 17 in 1968 - I went on to major in art education and studied painting at Bloomsburg University
Drawing of Charlie by brother Ed 1973 or 1974
Fallen Man Painting by Ed Horvath - 1972 while a student at Bloomsburg University
Jim & Barb (Desenberg) Arbuckle's Album
First photo of Barb & Arb
Prom photo of Barb & Arb with Louise Kirkbride and Kevin Barrett
Jim and Barb with son Jamie and Daughter, Julie, + Son-in-law, Dave, at their wedding
our daughters wedding
Our daughter Julie and son in law David
Julie and Dave at the fountain at Longwood Gardens
Dancing with my grandson, Colin, at our jukebox
Jim with his two grandsons, Colin & Ian, in his old Triumph
Ocean City with our grandsons, Colin & Ian
Celebrating 40 years of marriage in Puerto Rico
Our son, James, at Christmas
Sue (Walsh) Rake's Album
Sue (Walsh) Rakes and Ted Tsouris at the UDHS Junior Prom, May 1967
Sue (Walsh) Rakes and Ken Musikar at the UDHS Senior Prom, June 1967
Sue (Walsh) Rakes on Ken Horns 1957 Chevy Bel Air, April 1968
Ken Horn picking up Sue (Walsh) Rakes for the UDHS Senior Prom, June 1968
Sue (Walsh) Rakes and Ken Horn dressed for the Senior Prom, June 1968
Ken Horn and Sue (Walsh) Rakes dressed in costume for some reason, June 1968
Nancy Walsh, Sue (Walsh) Rakes, and Ken Horn, March 1968
Ken Horn dressed as a flower child, March 1968
Ken Horn freshman week at PMC, September 1968
The house I lived in 1966-1968, 631 Drexel Avenue, Drexel Hill, PA
Sue (Walsh) Rakes in July 1967
Senior Prom Sue Walsh and Ken Horn June 2968
Tricia (Heenan) De Blander's Album
Me and my other two sons, Rocky and Harley (2 year old maltipoo dogs).
My Two Sons: Jared (25) and Chase (16).
Guess which son is the introvert? From left to right:  Chase, 16; Tricia (Patti Heenan) De Blander, Jared, 25.
Still smiling and looking forward to the reunion
My youngest and tallest son, Chase, turned 18! I always knew hed be taller than me.
Ben Cheng's Album
My wife, Maggie.  We will be celebrating our 30th this September
Lived in Mission Viejo, Ca for 30 years
Allisons Christening 1986
Chris masters graduation with Allison 2006
Bob and Donna Eisenman w adult kids came out to California to visit in 2007
Flew in the Navy for 5 years
Carl Dambman's Album
Carl and Noreen January 2008
Carl and Noreen 1975 Colorado
Noreen outside our Moscow apartment
Former umass wrestler 71 Brian urquhart at ncaas in St. Louis 3/22/15.  Looking to connect with Carl.
Margo (Malecot) Callis' Album
Celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary.
On a recent trip to Paris.
In front of Notre Dame.
With Jack, the love of my life, on one of our adventures.
Andy Matter's Album
My sons and a friend!!
My Daughters wedding day
Michi and charley (son in law)
Wedding in Acapulco  4 AM in the morning!
Joanne (Caruso) Patterson's Album
Joanne (Caruso) and Don Patterson
Janet (Toomey) Stone's Album
Randy Porter’s Album Posted 11/24/2020
George Shuman's Album
After Germany arriving in Nam
At the State Lanes Bowling alley.  I have on the hat.
Big arse battle
Me and NotHead
Me and Richie Fort Lauderdale FL
My billboard 2010  MidTerms Vote The Great RIGHT Hope
As a kid in Upper darby
In Belize as every year fishing AGAIN and AGAIN Bahana Beach Hotel San Pedro Ambergris Island Belize
Black shirt in Rio brazil circa 1983
In front of Penrods Sheraton hotel on A1A Fort Lauderdale strip 1984 Working as a bartender