What's New?

Our 55th Reunion is Set for October 6, 2023!

Make sure we have your current contact information including your email, address, phone, etc.  Invitations were mailed on May 12th.  If you did not get one, send an email to denadlyons@outlook.com and provide your correct mailing address and current email address.  An invitation will be sent to you by email. 


Make sure we have A new Memorials page format has been extablished on the website to keep classmates up to date with the passing of our high school friends. Please submit informations as you become aware of it and feel free to leave a tribute for a deceased classmate. 
The Acorn
Remember the school newspaper, The Acorn?  Well, thanks to our classmates Nancy Iredale Reagoso who saved them, and Bill Bellano who arranged to have them scanned, you may now read them online!  Check out the website page "The Acorn."

Check Out These Facebook Pages!

Growing up in Upper Darby, Delco
Upper Darby High School Alumni Association
Upper Darby Class of 1968
Fans of the Bazaar of All Nations
I Ran Behind The Mosquito Truck and Lived to Tell About It


1965 Drexel Hill Jr High ECHO...

Bill Blessing, UDHS Class of 1969, contacted our website to say how much he enjoyed it...so much so, in fact, that it spurred him to start digging through old school memorabilia into the early morning hours of the 4th of July holiday!  We reaped the rewards of his efforts, as seen on the "Drexel Hill Jr High" page.  Who WAS voted Biggest Flirt and Most Likely to Succeed back then?  Check it out!


Where Are They Now?…

At a glance, classmates will be able to see where everyone has settled! On the "Classmates" page, select this yellow button near the top of the page.   If you are concerned about privacy, the map zooms only until the city/town level. If a classmate would prefer not to be included in this feature, they can opt-out by logging into their Classmates profile.

Happy Birthday!…

Want to wish a classmate a happy birthday?  Visit the "Calendar" page to see who is celebrating their special day this month.  Can't find your own name on the calendar?  It's necessary to complete this information on the "Classmates" page in order t show up on the calendar.

Soundtrack of Our Lives…

Our website can now play up to 3 songs!  Have a favorite that you'd like to hear?  Send the MP3 file to us using the "Contact Us" feature on the website.  Songs will be rotated on a monthly basis.

Alumni News…

Check out this page for the latest news on our alumni.  Have information you want to share?  Submit it via the "Contact Us" feature on this website.

Grade School Years…

Grade school photos have surfaced as a result of a recent min-reunion.  Garrettford Kids are on a roll!  Check out the Garrettford Elementary School page!  Let's hear from the other elementary school students...so far, Garrettford is in the lead 5-0.  Submit them via the "Contact Us" feature on this website.